3-in-1 Wireless Lavalier AP003 with 3.5mm Type-C and Lightning Jacks Black

Depth: 15 mm
Brand: Indefined
Product color: Black
Description: Purpose: for interviews, for smartphone/tablet, design: lapel clip, connector: Lightning, USB Type-C, mini jack 3.5 mm, power supply: built-in battery
Width: 47
Height: 15
Peculiarities: Signal encryption, noise reduction
Type: Microphone kit
Compatibility: Compatible with devices with 3.5mm, Type-C and Lightning connectors.
Purpose: For interviews, for smartphone/tablet
Housing material: Plastic
Impedance: 32 Ohm
Detailed equipment: 1 * microphone 1 * receiver
Nutrition: Built-in battery
Max. frequency: 48000 Hz
Min. frequency: 44 Hz
Microphone pickup pattern: Circular
Microphone connector: Lightning, USB Type-C, mini jack 3.5 mm